Sirti, one of the first companies in Italy to obtain EASI® corporate sustainability certification

29 July 2022

Sirti has chosen to draft a Sustainability Report and to strengthen its ESG effort by obtaining EASI® certification, the corporate governance model promoted by Sircle S.r.l. Società Benefit and designed to integrate social responsibility and sustainability into its strategies and all its company processes.

Milan, 29 July 2022 Sirti – an innovation hub in the network infrastructure development field and in digital and cybersecurity services – has become one of the first companies in Italy, and the first telecommunications company, to obtain EASI® (Sustainable Integrated Corporate Ecosystem) Certification: the first sustainable governance model acknowledged by Accredia as a Management System for enterprises and certifiable by the Accredia-accredited certification bodies.

The EASI® Model, promoted by Sircle S.r.l. Società Benefit, is an innovative, practical tool designed to integrate sustainability (ESG) into companies’ strategy and all their corporate processes. The model takes the form of a certifiable Management System that can be integrated with any management systems already present in the organisation, and is designed to create value over the long term. Most existing certifications regard only some aspects of sustainability, while the EASI® Model is the first to be used that acknowledges and certifies the effective efforts made by enterprises with regard to ESG issues, guaranteeing a process of on-going improvement in the sphere of sustainable development.

Sirti has also embarked on a Sustainable Transition process, with a view to continuing to create a sustainable future for the generations of today and tomorrow, by drafting a Sustainability Report. The Report is aimed at all the Group’s stakeholders, and seeks to highlight the actions taken and to transmit the Group’s sustainability goals.

“EASI® Certification is an important achievement for Sirti in its efforts to guarantee sustainable development, and provides further confirmation of the company’s commitment towards all those strategies and policies able to generate economic value and employment for all stakeholders, at the same time as guaranteeing environmental sustainability, health, richness of time and a sense of life”, commented Marco Ercole, Compliance, Sustainability, Risk Management & QHSE and CSO of Sirti.  “Sirti Group constantly endeavours to connect people and things in a sustainable, intelligent fashion, by creating digital highways able to connect people with their future”, concluded Ercole.

EASI® Certification and the Sustainability Report are part of Sirti’s ESG strategy, which is already up and running. In recent years, Sirti has begun working with a view to integrating sustainability into its business model, making this condition key to growth for its corporate strategy, through the Sirti Sustainability Program, which seeks to improve corporate performance with regard to economic, environmental and social sustainability, in both the short and long term.

Within these three areas, the company has identified 6 priority issues in the Sirti Sustainability Program, which comprise numerous projects aimed at human resource development, improving the quality of life of the people in the company, combating climate change, promoting inclusion and safeguarding diversity, sustainable technological innovation and supporting the community.

The Group has also created two dedicated bodies: the Sustainability Committee, with supervisory and decision-making powers, and the Sustainability Team, formed by representatives of the main operative and staff functions in the company, which carries out preliminary, propositional and consulting functions for the Sustainability Committee.

Sirti S.p.A.

Sirti is an innovation hub in the network infrastructure development field and in digital services and cybersecurity. Founded in 1921, it operates in the Telecommunications, Energy and Digital Solutions sectors, and employs around 3800 people.

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Sirti: IoT project for monitoring electrical infrastructures

A highly innovative system, jointly created with Terna, which will enable the real-time and remote analysis of data, even on lines located in difficult-to-reach areas and areas subject to extreme weather conditions. Milan, 18 July 2022 - Sirti – an innovation hub in the network infrastructure development field and in digital and cybersecurity services – has announced the completion of an Internet of Things project jointly created with Terna, the company that manages the national high and ultra-high voltage power transmission network, for the real-time and remote monitoring of electrical infrastructures. Specifically, the project has involved the creation of an IoT system – equipped with sensors, edge computing modules and modules for the transmission of data to a central platform – able to monitor electrical infrastructures even in areas that are difficult to reach and subject to extreme environmental conditions, characterised by strong winds and low temperatures. Working in synergy with Terna’s technical staff, Sirti Digital Solutions developers and Sirti Energia professionals have created an integrated system for the measurement, collection and real-time processing of data on the functioning of the high-voltage electricity lines, composed of a series of technological and operational elements This complex system comprises: a network of sensors, to measure the voltage loads on the lines that transport electrical energy, and to detect any anomalies, in real time, also regarding the stability of the pylons; an edge computing and remote control system to collect and process data in the field, using firmware and software modules optimised for an operating environment with many critical issues; a data transmission module, which uses LoRA, guaranteeing the management, backup and transmission of data via LTE; a weather station able to detect a wide range of environmental parameters; an energy station that guarantees a power supply, even in low irradiance conditions, thanks to solar panels and accumulators. “This project jointly created with Terna is a tangible example of how the integration of innovative technological solutions can make an effective contribution to the protection and monitoring of strategic infrastructures for the country, on which essential services for the community depend. It was very stimulating to rise to a challenge for which there were no consolidated solutions, and which therefore required a design thinking effort that has allowed us to solve complex problems by adopting a creative, sustainable vision”, explained Laura Cioli, CEO of Sirti. Sirti S.p.A. Sirti is an innovation hub in the network infrastructure development field and in digital and cybersecurity services. Founded in 1921, it operates in the Telecommunications, Energy and Digital Solutions sectors, and employs around 3800 people. For more information: Barabino & Partners (+39 02 72023535) Luciano Majelli, Mobile +39 335 7491684 -   Anna Bottolo, Mobile +39 349 9789618 -

#STEMinPurple, the project of Sirti and Nokia to promote female empowerment and STEM career inclusivity

Determination, passion and inclusion are the ingredients that guide the project started up by Sirti together with Nokia, dedicated to promoting female empowerment in the STEM field. Milan, 06 Sept. 2022 - Sirti - an innovation hub in the field of network infrastructure development and digital and cybersecurity services - launched, together with Nokia, a leading telephony and telecommunications company, the #STEMinPurple - Sirti and Nokia for women's empowerment project, a broadly disseminated social-media campaign that stresses the issue of gender equality in the STEM sector, through the stories of 10 women - with STEM profiles - who work in these two companies. Determination, passion and inclusion are the ingredients of this project, built up on the basis of a longstanding partnership between the two companies, which − led by two female CEOs and united by common values − promote female empowerment together, in a sector such as high-tech that is often perceived as decidedly male. This initiative is a new joint challenge for Sirti and Nokia that goes beyond business: creating awareness – both in-house for the two companies and further afield − regarding gender equality and inclusion in the world of work. The format includes meetings with female ambassadors attending in order to confront issues and break down and unhinge cultural patterns and prejudices − still all too prevalent today − regarding the presence of women in the worlds of work and scientific academia. The ambassadors will share tips, experiences, working methods, and a winning engineering approach to solving the most complex situations that can arise in STEM contexts of study and work. The campaign will be disseminated online and on the social networks of both companies with an episodic web series and a contents plan that includes cards dedicated to each of the ambassadors involved and women who have distinguished themselves - in different eras - in the STEM world. “#STEMinPurple aims to highlight and enhance the presence of women in the STEM field in order to spread a new culture that no longer considers the field hostile and a largely male domain. The project, which also aims to attract younger girls to scientific and technical subjects, represents the first step in a series of activities introduced by Sirti, which, as a leading telecommunications company, considers it essential to promote empowerment and inclusion of women in the sector in which it operates,” – explains Clemente Perrone, Chief Human Resources & Organization Officer of Sirti.