Sirti Digital Solutions - The future: XaaS and edge computing

8 April 2024

Article: "Can we go back from the cloud? Here's what Italian CIOs think" - CIO Italia - journalist Patrizia Licata

Milan, April 8, 2024 – The future: XaaS and edge computing

"In the future, we will increasingly move towards a combination of technological choices," confirms Giovanni Sannino, Head of Operations IT & Services at Sirti Digital Solutions. "Already today we see companies moving towards distinct options depending on workloads and operational criticality. CIOs will employ, where possible, edge devices that, thanks to increasingly smaller, faster microchips with great computing capabilities, allow processing on-site and in real-time, keeping the data in-house, while for other operations, cloud and on-prem will be combined."

For example, a manufacturing company that has IoT sensors generating and sending large amounts of environmental data - temperature, humidity, energy consumption, and so on - finds it convenient to process the information at the edge, where the evolution of microchips already allows the incorporation of analytics and machine learning applications; then only the information that needs to be centralized or has general processing and storage needs will be passed to the cloud or on-prem.

"This is already a trend underway in the industry," says Sannino, "because it allows maintaining effectiveness on the production line, but with local machines, without cloud software and heavy infrastructures that cost more and do not allow the same speed in quality control and corrective actions."

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Sirti Digital Solutions S.p.A. is the Tech company of the Sirti Group enabling digital transformation through networking, SW & system integration, cybersecurity, IoT, Cloud, Technological Plants & Cyber Security services. 1700 certifications issued by the most important technology players worldwide. The company has a dedicated Digital Lab for the development and realization, in co-creation logic with vendors, clients, and startups, of new digital solutions.

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A particularly important milestone for Sirti Digital Solutions, which will be called upon to support Cisco in the dissemination of technology as a trusted partner. Milan, March 25, 2024 – Sirti Digital Solutions, the Tech Company of the Sirti Group enabling the digital and sustainable transformation of public and private companies, has received significant recognition from Cisco, the global leader in networking and IT solutions. Specifically, this includes the "Cisco Partner Award - Partner IoT of the Year" and "Country Partner of the Year." These are significant acknowledgments for the work that Sirti Digital Solutions is carrying out in the field of technological solutions, particularly in the IoT sector. This milestone further strengthens Sirti Digital Solutions' positioning as a Tech Company in its reference sector, highlighting its technical and commercial expertise and defining the strategic importance it holds within partnerships. Our mission is to bring the best technological solutions to the market (networking, cybersecurity, edge computing, next-generation sensors) to build secure end-to-end IoT solutions that best support our clients' strategic objectives. In this context, Sirti Digital Solutions will support Cisco within a targeted strategy aimed at presenting an even more comprehensive value proposition of innovative solutions to the market. The virtuous partnership with Cisco reinforces the role that a company like Sirti Digital Solutions is playing in the supply chain enabling technological transformation. "I am very honored to have received, on behalf of Sirti Digital Solutions, the prestigious Country Partner of the Year Cisco award and the Partner of the Year IoT award. Cisco represents for us a historic and strategic partner in the evolution of offering innovative digital solutions to our clients," says Luca Rubaga - Managing Director of Sirti Digital Solutions. "Thanks to a consolidated collaboration with our partners, we bring innovation to our clients, offering them technological solutions that effectively address their most pressing business challenges," says Giorgio Campatelli - Partner Organization Leader of Cisco Italy. "We are proud to count Sirti Digital Solution among our partners; the Country Partner of the Year and Partner IoT of the Year awards are two well-deserved milestones both for the results achieved and for the constant commitment to proposing highly innovative solutions that allow companies in our country to be increasingly connected and competitive." Sirti Digital Solutions S.p.A. is the new company of the Sirti Group enabling digital transformation through networking, software and system integration, cybersecurity, IoT, Cloud, and Technological Plants services. 1700 certifications issued by the most important technology players worldwide. The company has a dedicated Digital Lab for the development and realization, in co-creation logic with vendors, clients, and startups, of new digital solutions.

Sirti Digital Solutions - The future: XaaS and edge computing

Distributed networks ensure data processing and protection at the peripheral sites of a company. Article from "La Repubblica". More than 65% of company data is generated, shared, and processed without passing through the central data center. This means that a company manager, a professional, or an employee today has a device equipped with sufficient computing power and intelligence to generate data, determine processes, and make decisions when and where needed. The excellent example of Snam Starting from the need to adapt its IT infrastructure to new working methods, Snam, one of the leading operators of gas infrastructure in Europe, has created a collaborative and innovative ecosystem, thanks to HPE Aruba Networking and system integrator Sirti Digital Solutions, the tech company of the Sirti Group. The Snam Group has a total network of 33,000 km of pipelines in Italy through which natural gas flows, controlled by qualified personnel capable of making immediate decisions and managing data independently. "In our 105 offices, we wanted and needed to ensure access to corporate services without continuity and accessibility problems," says Giuseppe Marrocco, Manager Corporate Offices Engineering and Services (COENGS) - DT&IN of Snam. "The goal was to align all Snam offices with a technological model and strategy suitable for supporting new corporate services with the flexibility required by ongoing evolutions." "Soon," Marrocco continues, "we realized that it would be necessary to think about a new network design. A new digital highway that, natively, would provide users with wi-fi connectivity capable of following them in every move along an increasingly distributed corporate perimeter. All this, providing them with applications, data, platforms, tools in real-time." In short, Snam needed agility, mobility, always-on high-performance connectivity, and the need to monitor employee access and identities, ensuring the highest level of security already from the periphery. Through the project implemented by Sirti Digital Solutions on HPE Aruba Networking solutions, a dedicated Software Defined LAN was created, a technology aimed at making the operation of a network elastic, in order to support dynamic data traffic management. The concrete benefits "With an approach based on co-creation and constant discussion between the parties," explains Luca Rubaga, Managing Director of Sirti Digital Solutions, "Sirti Digital Solutions has integrated HPE Aruba Networking technology onto the existing network according to the new SD-LAN paradigm. Thanks to the use of the platform, the operation of the entire on-premises network is now automated and guaranteed with a native security level, capable of ensuring better control over the entire infrastructure." In conclusion, thanks to the update carried out, Snam can rely on a network that meets current standards and has improved the level of service and performance of the network itself.