Sirti Digital Solutions sponsor of the exercise "Lira - Cyber Fox 2023"

26 October 2023

"Sirti Digital Solutions, the ICT company of the Sirti Group, alongside the Italian Army and the Ministry of Defense in the implementation and management of digital and cybersecurity systems for the Italian Defense."

Milan, October 26, 2023 - Sirti Digital Solutions, the ICT company within the Sirti Group, an innovation hub in the field of network infrastructure development, digital services, and cybersecurity, participated as a sponsor and acted as a System Integrator in the "Lira - Cyber Fox 2023" Exercise, which took place in recent days at the Perotti Barracks in Rome.

The exercise, led by the Communications Command and conducted across the national territory from Caldaro (Bolzano) to Palermo, served as a training and readiness assessment opportunity for the personnel of the Command units in the planning, implementation, and management of the C5 system (networks, data centers, Cyber Defense, radio, and tactical links) in support of the maneuvers of a large combat unit.

The training activity also aimed to test and strengthen the capabilities of the Army's Cyber Security Unit in detecting and managing cyber threats, allowing the assessment of the robustness and resilience of the network system in place.

With a strong presence in the field of digital transformation and innovative skills developed in its Digital Lab, Sirti Digital Solutions has been supporting the Defense sector for several years with operations aimed at improving institutional technological infrastructure, thanks to its extensive experience in digital system integration.

"It is with great pride that we continue to stand by the Army and the Ministry of Defense, having the opportunity to contribute to projects related to such a critical aspect for our country, such as cybersecurity," says Luca Rubaga, Managing Director of Sirti Digital Solutions. "Projects like the technological upgrade of the Data Center at the General Secretariat of Defense and the executive design and implementation of security systems within the military airport of Ghedi, home to the 6th Wing of the Italian Air Force, allow us to strengthen our position as a reference point in the country's digital transformation journey."

Sirti Digital Solutions S.p.A. is the new company within the Sirti Group that enables digital transformation through networking services, software, and system integration, cybersecurity, IoT, Cloud, and technological plants. The company holds 1,700 certifications from the world's leading technology players. It boasts a Digital Lab dedicated to the development and implementation, in a co-creation approach with vendors, clients, and startups, of new digital solutions.

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Sirti Telco Infrastructures at #DronesBeyond23

Sirti Telco Infrastructures, part of Sirti Group, participated in #DronesBeyond23 held at the Fiera del Levante in Bari. During the event, our project "4G-5G BTS Mobile Stations - UAS" was presented. This project involves the use of drones for the detection and subsequent post-production of images of base stations. The aim is to carry out activities related to evolutionary and/or predictive maintenance, design upgrades for equipment and site infrastructure, asset analysis, and e-learning using augmented reality.

Sirti Group joins the United Nations Global Compact.

Milan, November 14, 2023. We are proud to join the United Nations Global Compact as part of our commitment to being a responsible company. This commitment involves operating responsibly, in accordance with universal sustainability principles, taking actions to support society, and annually reporting our ongoing efforts to the United Nations Global Compact. To this end, the UN Global Compact requires companies and organizations that join to share, support, and implement a set of fundamental principles within their sphere of influence. These principles encompass human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption. Sirti Group has integrated Ten Principles ( into its strategy and policies to actively contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals outlined in the Agenda 2030. A new challenge for Sirti Group!