Suggestions from our recruiters

Do you want to apply for a specific position? Do you want to send an unsolicited application? Whatever your aspiration, discover the Sirti Recruiting team’s tips for greater success.

Position identification

Once your application has been placed on the site, either as a response to a specific position or as an unsolicited application, your CV will be carefully evaluated in order to identify a real match to profiles/positions open within our company. If you meet the requirements, you will be contacted for more information on the next steps in the selection process and a possible initial interview.

Tips from recruiters

Read the job description in detail to understand whether the open position matches your interest, paying attention to the specific requirements, the peculiarities of the role and the location/area of employment. If your profile matches, apply. Otherwise, send us your CV through an unsolicited application—it will remain in our database available for future opportunities.

Writing a CV

Tips from recruiters

Make sure that your CV contains all personal data (full name, address, telephone number, date of birth, citizenship, work permit for foreign nationals, driving licence and e-mail) and that it is up to date since your last job. Clarity and conciseness are essential to highlight at a glance your most significant experiences and the companies you have worked for (the most relevant to the position sought above).

Human Resources interview

You will be interviewed by the Human Resources team in order to discuss the reasons for your application, your academic and professional background and your expectations.

Tips from recruiters

Adopt a communication style that represents you and is characterised by respect. Use a positive and professional approach. Reinforce your answers by bringing concrete examples and recounting projects in which you have collaborated. Be clear about your demands and expectations. In case of an online interview, make sure you have a good connection at your disposal and that you connect from a suitable place.

Interview with the future manager

If you have passed the previous steps of the selection process, you will access the final stage which consists of an interview with Human Resources and the Head of Department, who will determine your possible entry into the company. If successful, you will have the opportunity to join the smart working agreement if compatible with your role and activity, and work remotely in accordance with our company policies.

Tips from recruiters

Prepare all the technical, logistical and organisational questions you need to ask in order to best evaluate the proposed position. Detail your previous work experience, focusing on your responsibilities and working tools and methods.


People talk about their first experiences at Sirti

We welcome some colleagues who have recently joined the Sirti Group. Find out about their first experiences in the company, how their days unfold and the activities they engage in.

Alessandra Olcelli

Administration, Finance & Control

“Female manager and mother? I bring together rationality and organisational skills, handling problems and resources with passion. Remember: if a mother is happy, so are the children.”

Marco Vecchiati

Sirti Digital Solutions

“Professional excellence and continuous innovation are some of the core elements of our company. Working at Sirti means playing a leading role in building the future of telecommunications.”

Giada Vietri

Sirti Digital Solutions

“I am thrilled to be part of Sirti, because for me it represents an excellent intellectual training ground and an opportunity for growth.”

Elisabetta Mezzatesta

Administration, Finance & Control

“Professionalism, sharing of values and objectives, flexibility and smart working, indispensable elements for the epochal change we are experiencing.”

Teresa Loricchio

Sirti Digital Solutions

“Working at Sirti means having the opportunity to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, people with different professional backgrounds, but with the same characteristics: competence, passion and dedication to work.”

Riccardo Cimini

Telco Operations

“My strong desire to embark on a path of professional growth led me to Sirti. Right from the start I was welcomed by highly experienced colleagues and started my working life with an immersion in training courses.”

Giovanni Casella

Telco Operations

“Finding a listening environment is very stimulating. At Sirti, I was pleased to see a strong propensity for team spirit and at the same time for valuing the individual employee as a promoter of change.”

Richard Ian Buno

Telco Operations

Telco Operations
“Working at Sirti means being able to accept an important challenge: to improve and grow professionally. It means embarking on a path that teaches you how to share goals and results with your team.”

Salvatore Carnevale

Telco Operations

“Over a century of experience, widespread presence throughout the country, and multidisciplinary skills are some of the aspects that make Sirti a great company and I am proud to be part of it.”

Anita Pellegata


“Sirti is a great reality where anyone can enhance their skills. Sharing experiences and knowledge is a habit at Sirti.”


Enter the Sirti world

Deepen and choose the scope of your professional path within the Sirti Group. You will have the opportunity to work in different contexts and markets, contributing to the technological and social development of our Country.



Meet our team of professionals

Arina Ferrari

Digital Solutions & Welcomm Engineering

Barbara Sciabica

Training, Selection and Development Manager

Laura Cislaghi

Telco Operations – North West and Centre

Maria Chiara Monti

Telco Operations – Nord East

Natalia Inchingolo

Training and Development