Multi-Vendor Spare Parts Management


Spare parts management with logistics services and repairs

The Scenario

WindTre is one of Italy’s largest telecommunications operators, with an extensive and widespread network consisting of wireline and wireless equipment of different technologies.

In order to keep the network in perfect working order and to guarantee immediate intervention in the event of problems, WindTre has to employ numerous types of spare parts that must always be available at short notice.



The Challenge

To simplify operational management, WindTre decided to outsource the ownership and management of spare parts, which must be available directly on site when a fault occurs or where WindTre requires them.

In order to guarantee the perfect functioning of the network, the service must be available 24/7/365 and the delivery of spare parts must take place throughout the country within a very short time. The service must also include the collection of the defective part, its repair or eventual disposal. In addition, it is required to continuously update the quantities and types of stock available according to the evolution of WindTre’s network. In order to optimise the reuse as stockpiles of equipment gradually decommissioned from the network, while reducing operating costs, the service is carried out in synergy with decommissioning activities.

The Solution

To provide WindTre with the required service Sirti leveraged its territorial organisation and consolidated experience in providing operational services on telecommunications networks. In particular, Sirti has dedicated adequate space in its warehouses distributed throughout the country, in which it manages many thousands of spare parts from WindTre. This has also been made possible by a specially developed software to catalogue and track the status of each spare part according to network operation processes.

Sirti now guarantees, with its own territorial organisation, the management, delivery and collection of spare parts according to the required SLAs, making thousands of deliveries every year, and, to ensure the availability of the required stocks at all times, it makes use of leading companies specialising in the repair of telecommunications equipment.

In order to follow the evolution of the network, Sirti regularly evaluates with WindTre the necessary additions to the stockpile in synergy with the network rationalisation activities. Such activities also involve the decommissioning of equipment that can be reused as stock.

In this way, careful planning of decommissioning activities makes it possible to implement circular economy processes to reuse numerous electronic parts, reducing both the quantities to be disposed of and operating costs without any compromise on service quality.


  • Network assurance
  • Managed service
  • Spare parts management
  • Circular Economy
  • Decommissioning