Building 4.0 for vertical farming

CUSTOMER: Planet Farms

Collaboration with the largest and most advanced vertical farm in Europe

The Scenario

Planet Farms is an Agriculture 4.0 start-up whose mission is to grow salads and herbs sustainably without the use of chemicals, in order to offer the consumer a healthy and uncontaminated product 365 days a year.

To achieve this, the start-up aims to create a new format of a fully robotised indoor hydroponic farm. In this context, technology and multidisciplinary skills are central to the success of the project.

The challenge

There is a need to design and implement the technological infrastructure of what will become the first and largest indoor hydroponic vertical farming facility in Europe. This plant is to enable the production of thousands of packs of salads and herbs per day through a fully automated and controlled process that starts from a seed and arrives at the finished, packaged product.

Air, water, light and soil become measurable and controllable variables and technology must replace herbicides and chemical additives.

The main challenge lies in the ability to lead all project phases: from electrical and network installations, technology scouting, design and implementation of acquisition technology components to the collection, processing and presentation of data required for farm management.

The solution

We provided Planet Farms with technical solidity, operational skills and the ability to interpret innovation in a sustainable way.

The work was carried out side by side with the Planet Farms team in a fantastic collaborative atmosphere which allowed us to find technical and operational solutions in a pioneering environment.

We designed and implemented the technological infrastructure of the production area based on a sensor system that allows real-time monitoring of all plant activities and the collection of a large number of environmental parameters.

In particular, Sirti was responsible for:

  • Supporting the executive design of the plant
  • Implementing the technological infrastructure: technological systems, safety & security systems, electrical systems, wireless and wireline data network, IoT network and ICT infrastructure hosting AI-based software
  • Implementing the Building Management System 4.0.

We like to think that we have contributed to a great project that has its strong point in the contamination between different skills to produce uncontaminated and superior quality food for the benefit of the consumer and the planet.


  • IoT
  • Networking
  • Edge Computing
  • Technology systems
  • Building 4.0

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