Application Modernization


Development and transformation of Cloud Native applications

The Scenario

Complex, wide-ranging organisations are moving increasingly large portions of processes and platforms to the cloud in order to accommodate, in a more agile manner, the turbulence and strong acceleration of the market.

In recent times, there has been a growing realisation that a flexible and light IT infrastructure is a decisive factor for business continuity and success.

To obtain the maximum benefit from the adoption of the Cloud in its different articulations, public, private and hybrid, it is necessary to transform applications and platforms into Cloud Native logic.

The challenge

The challenge is to build, in consultation with the customer, an Application Modernisation path cast in the specificity of the strategies adopted for migration to the Cloud, implementing solutions based on Microservices and implemented with DevOps methodologies.

The Solution

The project saw us working on adapting applications and platforms to maximise the benefits of the cloud and enhance the transformation effort of infrastructures and new service delivery methods.

After an analysis phase to define priorities and critical issues, we started the application modernisation activities.

Monolithic applications were redesigned by adopting logic based on microservices and standard interfaces for integration with other applications and cloud services: resiliency, agility, operability and observability.

In this new set-up, each micro-service performs its assigned tasks independently and can always rely on a level of redundancy in the event of blockages or errors.

In particular, the architecture adopted for the project is based on Kubernetes microservices. In order to reduce the release time of new features, we employed Agile/DevOps methodologies.


  • Application modernization
  • Microservices
  • Cloud native