MENS – The environment-friendly IoT solution created by Sirti in collaboration with the start-up, Sense Square

22 September 2022

Milan, 22 Sept. 2022 - Sirti - an innovation hub in the field of development of network infrastructure and digital and cybersecurity services - has partnered with start-up Sense Square to found “MENS”, Mobile Environment Sensing, a frontier project that aims to become the new gold standard for distributed geospatial information collection and management. MENS deploys hybrid technology infrastructures (fixed and mobile) and a multi-source platform model to collect strategic geospatial data with the aim of creating digital products for assessment and management of environmental risks with respect to a variety of target sectors.

The project, which grew out of a challenge launched as part of Sirti’s Corporate Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation (Imprenditivity), programme is notable for its circular operating model, which sees transformation of Sirti’s corporate fleet into a travelling infrastructure for collecting geo-referenced spatial data (weather conditions, environmental parameters, air quality, road conditions etc.).

Climate and air quality problems have unfortunately become a priority on the global scene: as more and more parts of the planet are affected by cataclysmic events with devastating consequences, while pollution is having an increasingly detrimental effect on people’s health and quality of life. The combination of these phenomena forces us to rethink Italy’s cities and its system of production, with the accent on sustainability and resilience.

In 2021 alone, the harm caused globally by extreme environmental phenomena amounted to $280 billion, according to the report compiled by Munich REM, and 46 billion euros in Europe alone for flooding and drought.

“With the MENS project, Sirti becomes an active participant in combating climate and air quality problems. Through virtuous collaboration with the Sense Square start-up, we have focussed on environmental monitoring. We leveraged the specialized expertise and operational capabilities of our co-innovation team to activate a project capable of providing real-time information − both detailed and all-embracing − on the environment and the air. We did this by using Sirti’s corporate fleet as a traveling infrastructure for spatial data collection, We therefore minimized the technology needed to cover very large areas while maximizing the quality and quantity of data collected”, explained Pietro Urbano Mimmo, Head of Innovation & Marketing at Sirti.

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#STEMinPurple, the project of Sirti and Nokia to promote female empowerment and STEM career inclusivity

Determination, passion and inclusion are the ingredients that guide the project started up by Sirti together with Nokia, dedicated to promoting female empowerment in the STEM field. Milan, 06 Sept. 2022 - Sirti - an innovation hub in the field of network infrastructure development and digital and cybersecurity services - launched, together with Nokia, a leading telephony and telecommunications company, the #STEMinPurple - Sirti and Nokia for women's empowerment project, a broadly disseminated social-media campaign that stresses the issue of gender equality in the STEM sector, through the stories of 10 women - with STEM profiles - who work in these two companies. Determination, passion and inclusion are the ingredients of this project, built up on the basis of a longstanding partnership between the two companies, which − led by two female CEOs and united by common values − promote female empowerment together, in a sector such as high-tech that is often perceived as decidedly male. This initiative is a new joint challenge for Sirti and Nokia that goes beyond business: creating awareness – both in-house for the two companies and further afield − regarding gender equality and inclusion in the world of work. The format includes meetings with female ambassadors attending in order to confront issues and break down and unhinge cultural patterns and prejudices − still all too prevalent today − regarding the presence of women in the worlds of work and scientific academia. The ambassadors will share tips, experiences, working methods, and a winning engineering approach to solving the most complex situations that can arise in STEM contexts of study and work. The campaign will be disseminated online and on the social networks of both companies with an episodic web series and a contents plan that includes cards dedicated to each of the ambassadors involved and women who have distinguished themselves - in different eras - in the STEM world. “#STEMinPurple aims to highlight and enhance the presence of women in the STEM field in order to spread a new culture that no longer considers the field hostile and a largely male domain. The project, which also aims to attract younger girls to scientific and technical subjects, represents the first step in a series of activities introduced by Sirti, which, as a leading telecommunications company, considers it essential to promote empowerment and inclusion of women in the sector in which it operates,” – explains Clemente Perrone, Chief Human Resources & Organization Officer of Sirti.

Sirti in the ranking of Italy's Best Employers 2022-2023

We announce with pride that for the third consecutive year Sirti Group is among the companies included in the “Italy’s Best Employers” ranking for the Internet, IT and Telecommunications sector. This was revealed by the survey, conducted by the digital platform Statista in collaboration with the Corriere della Sera newspaper, which identifies the companies where the work gets done best in Italy, based on the evaluations expressed by more than 22,500 employees interviewed. 400 companies in all were surveyed, and divided into 20 business sector categories (full list at: This important recognition, represents a very positive achievement for us. It motivates us to do more and better and to continue to improve our Group.