Women in Technology

25 Novembre 2021

Technology has now become a component we cannot do without. It is often associated with a purely “male” sensibility. Here we listen to the voices of the women at Sirti who experience technology in all its aspects.

Laura Palmese

Innovation & Tools – Operations

Can you tell us about your “typical” working day?

On a daily basis, I align with my team on current initiatives and the main issues arising from the working tables where we discuss various topics involving staff, PMs, territorial references and IT analysts. It is a task of continuous improvement that definitely requires passion, determination and proactivity. Every day we need to lay another brick, to reach a new milestone, to facilitate the cultural and digital change that is demanded of us by a dynamic environment where innovation is increasingly becoming a key and strategic element.

Technology is often associated with male figures: how do you position yourself from this point of view?

True, technology is often associated with the male domain and still few women choose computer and technology studies in STEM fields. In my opinion it’s a cultural problem, the stereotype that women are not good at technology still prevails. It’s still said that “it’s a man’s subject”, even though in the 1960s programming was seen as a professional outlet for women. Surely it is up to us to reverse this thinking, showing that in the end what really counts is the value and skills brought by each of us.

Technology and work: an inescapable combination?

Yes, nowadays we are completely immersed by technology in both business and private spheres.
In the business environment, quality investments are necessary to be able to introduce technological factors that enable us not only to do well, but better than others. One of the most widespread fears these days is that human beings will become superfluous and be replaced by technology and more intelligent systems. It is one of the strongest emotional barriers still to be broken down. Certainly technology remains an enabling factor for processes, but I believe that the real value in the company remains people and their skills.

Tatiana Parolini

IT Contract Management

Tell us about yourself and your role at Sirti

My name is Tatiana Parolini and I work at Digital Solution. In particular, I am part of the IT & SERVICES group. I deal with IT Contracts, End User Services but also with Projects towards both internal and external customers. My typical day alternates between periodic meetings with working groups to monitor activities and preparatory meetings or activities with varying cadences depending on the progress of projects or needs.

Do you think technology can be a limitation or a possibility?

Technology is a possibility because it is a useful tool for achieving the end goal: business. It has no value if it is not in itself business, if it is not an end in itself. This does not detract from the fact that there is a “beauty” inherent in technology, which not everyone necessarilygrasps.
It could be considered a limitation when it is not as we would like it to be: complex, difficult. But everything is in flux and improvement is continuous: what seemed impossible yesterday quickly becomes so: who would have said two years ago that we could work remotely without compromising our productivity? Technology made it possible. There are plenty of examples of this, but suffice it to say that if you talk to a technician about the features of a piece of software, they will ask you what version you are talking about: each version is a new attempt at improvement.

How do you think technology can change people’s future?

Technology changes and has changed people’s lives by simplifying complexities, enabling them to do more, better and overcome more and more limitations. I am convinced that technology and work are indispensable both for those who make technology available to others, such as, in Sirti’s case, internal IT or the Digital Solutions BU, for whom technology represents their business, and for those who use it (the end customer).

Angela Surano

IT Service Management

Tell us about yourself and your role at Sirti

I have a degree in Communication Sciences with a master’s degree in Operation and Supply Chain Management. I am a mother of two children aged 6 and 2, have been working at Sirti since 2006 and am currently the IT service desk manager. I am in charge of coordinating the service desk group that represents the first point of contact between the user and the company, in particular between employees and the various IT services, monitoring incoming reports, ensuring that there are no problems that may impact on the company’s operations, reporting them to the relevant departments and interfacing with employees and colleagues at other levels to find workarounds to the critical issues detected.

Which technological aspects fascinate you the most and why?

The vast amount of information we have at our disposal with just one click and the communication aspect: staying in touch is easier than ever. You can speak, video chat and/or collaborate with anyone in the world. This factor stimulated ideas, innovative processes and led to a better understanding of other people’s cultures.

How do you think technology can change people’s future?

I am thinking of the introduction of AI in business processes that has brought positive impacts, automating repetitive and low added-value parts of the processes themselves, previously carried out by humans, reducing errors, while enabling the development of new products and services. All this will have a major impact on the roles and tasks of people, who will have the opportunity to devote themselves to new skills. Artificial Intelligence has been instrumental in driving innovation in areas such as industry, language, medicine and research, influencing our lives.

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