Sport in the Lives of Sirti

25 November 2021

Daily commitment to sport is indispensable in achieving success. We listen to the stories of those who experience sport as an ever-present part of their days.

Maurizio D’Aviero


Tell us about yourself and your role at Sirti

I have been with Sirti since 22 August 1989, always in Administration, initially as a Customer Accounting Clerk (active cycle), then, since 2005 as Manager and since 2018 I have also been responsible for Supplier Accounting (passive cycle). I deal with everything related to credit and debt management. In particular, for both the active and passive cycles, the activity concerns the verification and accounting of data, preparation of company reports, relations with customers/suppliers, factors and auditors.

Do you find similarities between sport and work?

Of course, in both activities consistent commitment and training lead to good performance, enabling the achievement of important goals and expected recognition, although unfortunately sometimes external factors can undermine these sacred principles.

Sport and work: how do you imagine the future of both?

This is a question whose answer is really complex and would require a separate chapter. Let’s say that both sport and work have evolved and in terms of pure performance I believe they have both improved and will continue to improve, with the hope that the positive aspects of the two worlds can be even greater in number!

Luca Domenico Cecconi

IT Demand

What do you do at work?

Demand and Application Management, especially for the SAP area; some processes concerning Finance and more specifically those concerning Financial Statements, customer, supplier and asset accounting.
I also support the Treasury function for managed financial processes.

Of particular relevance in my work is the process of determining revenues.

In the area of Operations, I support the Fleet Management function for both the master data management and the cost management part, as well as the management of measuring instruments.

How do you experience challenges in sport?

I am not a big follower of Pierre de Cubertin, so I play to win, not to participate. Which is not
to say that I have to win, but I try my best anyway.
You can also lose by 100 points (it happened to me playing against Gallinari father who was 15 centimetres taller than me), but first of all I have the pride of having played against him, and then of having given everything I could. Then if the opponent is better, after I have done everything to make him sweat, I shake his hand and say bravo.
Maybe after the shower, not right away…

Do you think sport helps you be more productive?

If we think of sport as a recreational break, it obviously helps to be more serene, to take a break from daily worries for a while, so in the end it gives the opportunity to work more willingly and to be more productive.
But above all, a team sport helps to create a team and to seek out and exploit the skills of teammates/colleagues to become stronger.

Massimiliano Vitale

Operations & Engineering Technological Solutions

Tell us about yourself and your role at Sirti

I am Massimiliano Vitale, Head of the Technological Solutions Area, which is composed of an Engineering Team, an Operations and Project management team, working on complex and innovative Turn-Key projects. My typical day includes an alignment session with the full team or individual project teams to verify and validate the planned activities, setting priorities and highlighting any critical issues to be resolved.

How long have you been practising this sport? Why did you choose this discipline?

In my life I have always practised sports, among the most diverse, even at a competitive level, but the sport I am particularly proud of is definitely the Triathlon, a sport that was not very popular until recently. The main challenge was to start practising at the age of 35 and to reach a category podium in just two years.

How do you reconcile your sporting life with your work life?

Reconciling sporting and working life is not trivial, especially when it comes to a multi-disciplinary sport that requires a well-defined schedule and must undergo as little variation as possible. In order to be effective, you need to have an alternative solution to deal with unexpected events, promptly evaluating the reprogramming of the single activity. I imagine a near future where people’s well-being is increasingly at the centre of their lives. Making resources more efficient and effective generates the space to carve out the right moments for sport, creating the right balance between being productive in a healthy way.

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