Climate Survey

25 November 2021

Activating an active listening tool within the company to build the future through concrete initiatives.

We are convinced that in order to develop the full potential of our organisation, it is essential to listen to people. That’s why we launched the first Corporate Climate Survey in 2018.

Our employees are proud to work at Sirti and the results indicate that the working environment is positive and collaborative. A strong attachment to the company emerges, reflected in a high level of personal involvement, responsibility and commitment in line with our corporate values.

In the interests of transparency, we share the findings with all employees each year at the end of the survey and initiate inclusive initiatives to design improvement plans. Working teams have always distinguished themselves for their enthusiasm, proactivity and professionalism by proposing actions that our Leadership Team chooses to implement.

Participation at the work tables has renewed my sense of belonging to the company, making me feel a stronger and more rewarding bond.”

Maria Demarinis – Casandrino

The working tables represent an opportunity to contribute to change from below by proposing concrete actions to improve everyday work.

Mario Agrifani – Milano

In Sirti’s big machine, even the smallest cog has been given the opportunity to highlight the parts that need to be oiled to make it more competitive in the TLC race of the third millennium.

Angelo Fiorentini – Roma

It was an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions within a group made up of people with different roles within the company but who have one goal: growth.

Elena Nunziata – Calenzano

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